The best decorative concrete finishes and surfaces in Mackay

Enhance your footpath, driveway, patio area, or pool surrounds with our range of concreting surface types. Our options are cost-effective, easy to clean, low-maintenance and versatile.

Contact the team at S & K Gallaway Concreting to discuss your project, or for advice on the best finish for your application.

Exposed Aggregate

If you want to create a stone look driveway, path or pool surrounds, exposed aggregate is an affordable alternative to pavers or tiles. Our team can even match the colour to your home.

Small stones are mixed through the concrete to create exposed aggregate. This style has a distinct rough surface with a pebble-look finish.

The surface is highly durable, easy to clean and wears well in all weather conditions, making it ideal for areas that receive regular foot traffic.

Plain Concrete

While there are many concrete surface options available, plain, also known as grey, concrete is still a popular choice for many people. Our plain concrete is an excellent low-budget option for smaller concreting projects such as shed or house slabs, footpaths and driveways.

Coloured Concrete

Contrary to popular belief concrete doesn’t always have to be grey in colour. Our concreters can add a colouring agent/pigment to the mix to create your desired look.

Adding colour to your concrete can help increase your home's street appeal. Colour is often used to complete a room, so the same principle applies to your outdoor area. We can help finish off your beach, Mediterranean, modern, or traditional themed exterior.

Whether you want to blend in, stand out, or colour match your concrete to existing finishes, our team will work to your requirements.

Why not pair a coloured concrete finish with stamped concreting to create a unique exterior at an affordable price? Contact us to discuss the possibilities of our finishes.

Stamped Concrete

Enhance the look of your exterior surfaces by using our stamped concrete technique.

As the name suggests, stamped concrete is imprinted with a pattern, texture, or embossed for a creative design. We can emulate the look of pavers, brick, slate or tiles with this technique. This style of concrete finish is often found on footpaths, driveways, pool areas and patios.

This technique has a range of benefits including:
  • Versatility
  • Affordable price
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong & durable
With our stamped concreting you can create the look you want without overextending your budget. Call us today to learn more